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SelectMadu is a replacement for the select menu, with support for searching, multiple selections, async data loading and more.

To get started, checkout documentation and examples at


  • Searching through options.
  • Multi-select interface with tags.
  • Async data loading.
  • Dynamic state changes.
  • Multi-level nesting of options as groups.
  • Support for custom animations.
  • Pass custom option components.
  • Easily themable.
  • Better Accessibility.



Download or source the javascript file and css file from unpkg

You can also download it directly from the releases listed in select-madu repository

  <script type="text/javascript" src="selectmadu.min.js"></script>
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="selectmadu.css">


You can install SelectMadu from npm using the following command.

npm install select-madu --save

and then import it in your javascript file

import SelectMadu from 'select-madu';

Note: CSS file has to be included separately

Basic usage

  import SelectMadu from 'select-madu';

  //To create
  let instance = new SelectMadu({
    //SelectMadu dom elements will be rendered within the specified parent element in target.
    target: document.querySelector("#parentElement"),

    //Properties for initializing SelectMadu. Refer Properties info below.
    props: {
      datasource: [
        { text: "Ferrai" }, 
        { text: "Lamborghini" },
        { text: "Aston Martin" }

  //To destroy and remove


Optionally, if you are using Svelte you can import SelectMadu as a component.

import SelectMadu from 'select-madu';

<SelectMadu {...props}/>

Note: CSS file has to be included separately

Check out Select madu home page for usage documentation and examples.

API and Documentation

Check out SelectMadu home page for detailed documentation with properties information and API methods.


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Help make SelectMadu better!

To work on SelectMadu

git clone
cd select-madu
npm install

The component is written in Svelte. It's an awesome library, you should check it out!

SCSS is used for styling. It is separate from the component and is within styles folder.

To build, run

npm run build

Build generates the build folder, which contains the iife variant, with and without minimization. It also generates the nodesrc folder which contains the esm and umd variants for importing the component within your app.

You can also contribute by writing additional tests, adding issues that you encounter, or by helping with the documentation.