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This is an Aplha version (0.1) of a quick and simple buzzword bingo Android app build with Xamarin

If you ever were in a meeting and thought - "man, those people do use a lot of buzzwords, I should make a game out of it!", then this app is perfect for you.

![demo] [demo]: "App Demo"

The Rules

The Rules are pretty simple: On your Bingo card, there are 25 phrases. Try and collect 5 either in a row or a column. When you're done, stand up and shout "Bullshit!", or just sit and smurk silently :)

About the game

Version 0.1 of the game has a fixed list of words, from which a card is generated. The winning patterns are fixed to horizontal and vertical sequences of 5 words. States are currently not saved, reloading the view will create a new card and you will loose your progress. All of the above will be changed in the next version.