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-How to contribute to Opscode Open Source Projects:
-Opscode Open Source Ticket Tracking System:
+While this repository is hosted on GitHub, we do not use pull requests
+as the primary mechanism or workflow for contributions. We track
+issues in cookbooks in our JIRA based Open Source ticket tracking
Cookbooks (this repository) use the COOK project.
+When contributing changes to individual cookbooks, please do not
+modify the version number in the metadata.rb. Also please do not
+update the Changes section for a new version. Not all changes to a
+cookbook may be merged and released in the same versions. Opscode will
+handle the version updates during the release process. You are welcome
+to correct typos or otherwise make updates documentation in the
+If a contribution adds new platforms or platform versions, indicate
+such in the body of the commit message(s), and update the relevant
+COOK ticket. Also include in the COOK ticket as a comment the log
+output of a successful Chef run, and the end state of the resources as
+they are configured on the target system, so we know that they work on
+the indicated platform.
+Read more about our process for how you can contribute to Opscode Open
+Source Projects:
Chef Project home pages:
* Wiki:
* Product page:
-Opscode Cookbook Source code repository:
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