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* TODO: port implementation (as far as possible) from erts/emulator/beam/erl_bif_binary.c
* TODO: extend signature with EProc where necessary (acc. to the corresponding C code)
- * TODO: provide a class EUnsigned:EInteger, either in the global package or in this package
- * TODO: think about the class EPart (check if it's a single one since it might be a list or a tuple,
- * depending on the context)
+ * TODO: take care of correct usage of EBig and ESmall. Don't use EInteger
+ * TODO: no EUnsigned class, instead checks for BigInteger.signum where necessary
+ * TODO: implement an EPart class locally?
public class Native extends ENative {

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You're welcome to add virtual methods to number/small/bigint as needed of cause

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