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Remove usage of string.upper() and string.lower()

Lua implements those using NLS-sensitive way, which breaks things in
our intended usage.  So implement our own core.downcase() and
core.upcase() which works simple ASCII-only operation and replace all
usages with these new methods.

This is actually better fix for
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@pavouk authored
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GDbus Minor stylistic adjustments to new GDBus sample
GnomeKeyring samples/GnomeKeyring/list-keyrings-passwords.lua: add a sample on Gno…
gtk-demo Remove usage of string.upper() and string.lower()
cairo.lua cairo: make cairo sample executable
console.lua Rework enums and bitflags handling
gtkclipboard.lua Small updates of samples
gtkhello.lua Gtk: make Gtk-2.0.typelib usable again
gtkpad.lua Remove usage of custom attribute in GObject class in the sample
markupthrough.lua Add lgi.assert() which can handle err object instead of text message
mxwidgets.lua Make sure that Object.bind_property() works
repobrowser.lua Keep names sorted by name in the tree of repobrowser sample
soupsvr.lua Fix SoupSvr sample, it was still using wrong read_async signature
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