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StegoCore is steganography library for .NET Core. Hide secret data inside images using many algorithms.

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StegoCore is available on MyGet.

Package manager

Install-Package StegoCore -Version 0.2.0 -Source


dotnet add package StegoCore --version 0.2.0 --source

Getting started

StegoCore is using ImaheSharp as image processing library.

To hide some secret data inside an image do following:

    byte[] secretData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("");
    using(var stego = new Stego("someimage.jpg"))
        Image<Rgba32> secretImage = stego.Embed(AlgorithmEnum.Lsb);

Pretty simple, right? :) Now you can save the image with secret. But how to extract secret from image? It's even simpler.

    using(var stego = new Stego("secretImage.jpg"))
        byte[] secret = stego.Decode(AlgorithmEnum.Lsb);

Right now there are 2 steganography algorithms implemented:

  • LSB (least significant bit)
  • Zhao & Koch (algorithm based on DCT)

These algorithms can be parameterized. You can pass a key parameter, which will be used as random seed to determine where to hide secret data:

    stego.SetSettings(new StegoCore.Model.Settings
            Key = "aaa"