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Protocol for associating a website with a Nano Currency account
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Protocol for associating a website with a Nano Currency account

Getting Started

The nano.txt protocol format is similar to robots.txt files. It exists so external entities can find the nano.txt file, understand the contents of the file, and make the appropriate decisions based upon the information in the nano.txt.

When a Nano Currency account is found in a website's nano.txt, it can be assumed that the website owner has control of and can be associated with that Nano Currency account.

File Path

The nano.txt file shall exist at the root level of a website.



Only a single Nano Currency account shall be written on a line. No other information than Nano Currency account's is in the file


The following could be placed at



  • Should a label be included with a Nano Currency account? I think no because a label could be misleading. A website URL is unique while a label could be used to make someone believe that account, even though on a bogus website, is associated with a known entity.


The following sites/applications are known to utilize the nano.txt protocol (not just have a nano.txt but rely on websites listing their nano.txt):

If you know of an implementation, contact me via Twitter or this GitHub, and I will add to the listing.

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