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The Game Pencil Engine Version 1.4.1 and beyond!

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New files added to github, but does not currently compile to C++, pending a few changes

Please look at our Website and take a look around!

If you have any questions or comments: feel free to email us at

Additionally, please report all bugs in the issues portion of the github page or use our Trello page.

Donate to make Game Pencil Engine greater

Work on this engine is not possible without funding. The amount of time it takes to update the codebases, create examples, tutorials and more is quite expensive. Please consider either a one-time or monthly donation to keep this engine going and more frequently updated.

We have a Patreon Page that you can help fund future developments of Pencil Engine and to help us kickstart new projects!

There is also a PayPal one time donation method as well.

I appreciate your generousity and moving this project forward.


Please checkout our guide for building from source here.

Currently, only the SDL2 module is completed, but more are underway, for those unfamiliar with linking dependencies this will help you get Game Pencil running on Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD.


If you would like to see our documentation to this project, go here

Discord Chat


Come and join our discord server! Here, you can engage in chats about game pencil, get help and even voice chat the developers and users!


Become a member on our forum! Here, you can find help and talk directly with the developers of this project!

Download Newest Version

If you would like to download the newest version of the engine, go here

Coding with Game Pencil Engine

This editor is coded completely in C/C++ and uses a modular design for display, input, output and audio.

Currently, the first modular block is SDL2, with plans to expand to SFML, OPENGL and Vulkan in later updates.

Please note that using the .MP3/.MP4 formats is strongly not recommended due to licensing fees.

Building Game Pencil From Source Code

We have made a helpful guide on how to compile Game Pencil from source here


theweirdn8 and clee231