barebones example for using rails to process payfast payments
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How to use this repository

  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • run bundle install
  • Install Ngrok
  • start your server using rails s
  • start up ngrok and expose the port your server is running on (3000)
  • replace NGROK_URL in home/index.html.erb with your ngrok url
  • Click purchase button and be redirected to payfast


This is a simple application that shows you how to get going with Payfast using Ruby on Rails. It uses the offsite_payments gem to build up the form but it's not strictly necessary. The home/index view has a fake shopping cart table as well as the form that submits to Payfast. The table is just a visual demo and is not tied to the form at all.

The configuration for the form is in /config/initializers/offsite_payments.rb which loads up the test server credentials located in /config/payfast.yml. You'll want to change these to your credentials at some stage. You'll also want to remove the following line from the offsite payments configuration file:

`OffsitePayments.mode = :test`

The views/home folder has two additional view files, fail as well as success which can be used as the views loaded in when the post-purchase callbacks fire off. You can see that they are setup in the routes file.

The HomeController manages the payment via the paid action. A notification is set up via the Payfast gateway in the OffsitePayments module. Once the notification is both acknowledged and completed (checked using the offsite payments public methods), you can handle the payment on your end where the comments are.


This was a quick spike and to get the requests working I added the skip_before_action :verify_authenticity_token callback to the controller which you will not want to do in production. If I have time I'll fix that and update this repo.