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Repository for the molto-allegro GUI library for Allegro 5.
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Aims of the project

The molto allegro library aims to provide a reasonably fast and simple to implement GUI drawing addon for Allegro 5. At the cost of lack of customization (no skins, no color editing, no-nonsense approach all around), it takes just a couple minutes to implement in your existing Allegro project.

Practical example

This is what it takes to use molto allegro:

Creating a menu object is easy.

Menu *m = new Menu(display);

Adding some top-level categories is easy, too:

m->addElem(string("Test element 1"));
m->addElem(string("Test element 2"));	
m->addElem(string("Keep going!"));

Let's add some options to our categories. For that, we reference the category we want by name (Test element 1, here) and call it's addElem providing a name for the button, a callback function - any function at all that will take a single void* as a parameter - and the parameter, cast to void*.

m->element("Test element 1")->addElem("Test element's button", some_callback_function, (void*)parameter);

The void* cast helps us weasel any type of parameter we want into the callback function - we simply cast our original parameter to void*, and then - within the callback function - we cast it back to it's original/needed type.

See the example folder for a bit of code which will help you understand the concept of callbacks.