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This project is a fork aimed at continuing to upgrade and maintain original djangocms-filer that became no longer supported and deprecated in 2019

You can install the package via pip:

pip install -e git+


As of release 2.0.0 of this project Python 2.* support is dropped.


A set of cms plugins that replace the plugins shipped with django-cms with versions that use file fields from django-filer.


Starting with version 1.1.0, support for Python 2.6, Django 1.7 or lower
and django CMS 3.0.x and lower was dropped. Please pin your dependencies
to ``cmsplugin-filer<1.1.0`` for older projects.

Starting with version 0.10 support for django CMS 2.x was dropped
(table renaming magic removal). Pin your dependencies to
``cmsplugin-filer<0.10`` for django-cms 2.x projects.


  • django-filer >= 1.2
  • Django >= 1.11
  • django-cms >= 3.4
  • django-sekizai >= 0.4.2
  • easy_thumbnails >= 1.0
  • django-appconf
  • djangocms-attributes-field


To get started using cmsplugin-filer:

  • install it with pip:

    $ pip install cmsplugin-filer
  • configure django-filer as documented in

  • add the plugins to INSTALLED_APPS:

  • run migrate.

You can also set FILER_IMAGE_USE_ICON in your to configure cmsplugin_filer_image plugin to use 32x32 icons for representing plugin instances.

The default template in cmsplugin_filer_image expects the subject location functionality to be enabled. Follow:

Upgrading to version 1.1

In version 1.1 there are two backward incompatible changes:

Migrations layout

Migrations have been moved back to the standard location. cmsplugin_filer related MIGRATION_MODULE setting items must be removed for cmsplugin_filer 1.1 to work

Removal of ThumbnailOption model

ThumbnailOption has been moved to filer (since filer 1.2). You must update your models and migrations referencing ThumbnailOption for this to work.

Upgrade process involves updating your models and migrations.


    from filer.models import ThumbnailOption
    thumbnail_model = 'filer.ThumbnailOption'
except ImportError:
    from cmsplugin_filer_image.models import ThumbnailOption
    thumbnail_model = 'cmsplugin_filer_image.ThumbnailOption'

If you use the string syntax (e.g.: thumb_field = models.ForeignKey('cmsplugin_filer_image.ThumbnailOption')) use thumbnail_model string as defined above (e.g.: thumb_field = models.ForeignKey(thumbnail_model) If using the model directly you don't have to change the fields definition

Django 1.7+ migrations

For every migration file that references ThumbnailOption add the following import:

from myapp.models import thumbnail_model

and change all 'cmsplugin_filer_image.ThumbnailOption' to thumbnail_model

South migrations

In every migration file add the following import:

from myapp.models import thumbnail_model

and change all 'cmsplugin_filer_image.ThumbnailOption' to thumbnail_model and u"orm['cmsplugin_filer_image.ThumbnailOption']" to u"orm['%s']" % thumbnail_model.

The default template in cmsplugin_filer_image expects the subject location functionality to be enabled. Follow:

Please note that current develop version moved plugin packages from src directory to project root. This may break your installation if upgrading. Uninstall any previous cmsplugin_filer installation (either from PyPI or from github repository) and reinstall it.



cmsplugin_filer_image provides integration with djangocms-text-ckeditor. Add this setting to enable it:


This allows dragging images into the text editor in Firefox and newer versions of IE.


Most plugins (file, folder, image and teaser) support configuring custom "styles" (templates).

e.g add the following settings for the image plugin:

    ('default', 'Default'),
    ('boxed', 'Boxed'),

Now, if a template exists at cmsplugin_filer_image/plugins/image/boxed.html it will be used. If not, it will fall back to cmsplugin_filer_image/plugins/image/default.html. If a css class in the default template is enough, it can be used in the template as {{ }}.

For backwards compatibility the plugin will always use cmsplugin_filer_image/image.html if it exists. Remove that template after migrating to the new structure.


Classes like left, center, right and img-responsive are given by the plugin to use in your own projects.


To run tests we recommend using tox - the tox.ini file is already pre-configured and ready to use.

Alternatively, to test with packages installed on your system or virutal environment and see the overall test coverage run:

coverage erase

coverage run

coverage report


This project is continuation of cmsplugin-filer. Please be patient, we are working on it







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