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Laravel localize


This package installs a global command that lets you easily install language files in your Laravel application.

The language files are downloaded from the awesome caouecs/Laravel-lang repository.


You can install the package globally via composer:

composer global require pawelmysior/laravel-localize

Make sure that the global composer's vendor/bin directory is in your system's $PATH.


Cd into your Laravel application and run this command:

laravel-localize LANG

where LANG is the code of the language you want to install. For example, to install German language files, run:

laravel-localize de

The command will install the following files:

  • resources/lang/de/auth.php
  • resources/lang/de/pagination.php
  • resources/lang/de/passwords.php
  • resources/lang/de/validation.php
  • resources/lang/de.json

Some other example languages:

# Install Dutch language files
laravel-localize nl

# Install Polish language files
laravel-localize pl

# Install Spanish language files
laravel-localize es

You can find the list of available languages here.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.