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Nextcloud Draw.io integration app

This app allows users to create and edit diagrams in Nextcloud using Draw.io on-line editor.

App Store link: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/drawio

Once installed, you will see an option to create a Draw.io diagram from the 'create file' menu. Note: this app does not produce an app icon.


  • Requires Nextcloud >11.0.0
  • Multi language support (l10n)
  • Inspired by the old Draw.io Integration and OnlyOffice
  • Tested with Chrome 58-71 and Firefox 53-64
  • Tested with PHP 5.6/7.1/7.2
  • Draw.io v0.9.2 tested with NextCloud 11.0.3 / 12.0.2 / 13.0.6 / 14.0.4 / 15.0.0

Mimetype detection

Unfortunately, apps can't declare new mimetypes on the fly. To make Draw.io work properly, you need to add a new mimetypes in the mimetypemapping.json file (at Nextcloud level).

To proceed, just copy /resources/config/mimetypemapping.dist.json to /config/mimetypemapping.json (in the config/ folder at Nextcloud’s root directory; the file should be stored next to the config.php file). Afterwards add the two following line just after the “_comment” lines.

"drawio": ["application/x-drawio"],

If all other mimetypes are not working properly, just run the following command:

sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan --all


Current release: zip or tar.gz



  • NC15 compatibility (PR #66)
  • Duplicated settings fixed (PR #65)
  • Added new themes - Minimal, Dark (PR #70)


  • NC14 compatibility (PR #53)
  • Fixed missing comma in en_GB language file (PR #55)
  • Added OwnCloud 10 support (PR #51)
  • Added French translation (PR #49)
  • Settings moved to "Additional" section (PR #46)


  • Added German translation (PR #38)
  • Added "offline mode" (PR #43)
  • Added .drawio file type in addtion to .xml (PR #41)
  • Querystring in custom drawioUrl (PR #37)
  • Minor other fixes (PR #39)


  • NC13 compatibility (issue #25)
  • IE support (PR #27)
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation (PR #26)


  • NC12 compatibility (issue #10)
  • "Origin" integration issue (issue #9)


  • Edited files are now opened in the same window
  • Code changes

Complete changelog


  1. Copy Nextcloud draw.io integration app ("drawio" directory) to your Nextcloud server into the /apps/ directory
  2. Go to Apps -> "+ Apps" > "Not Enabled" and Enable the Draw.io application

Known Issues

If you're experiencing problems while updating your Nextcloud intance, try to disable/delete Draw.io integration app (/apps/drawio/) and then install/copy it again after the NC update is completed.


Go to Admin page and change the settings you want:

Click "Save" when you're done.


  • Released under the Affero General Public License version 3 or later.
  • [CC 3.0 BY] File icon made by DinosoftLabs / Link


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  • Any feedback and code is greatly appreciated!
  • It's all free, but please consider making a donation if you use it (and you can afford it) - it takes a lot of time to maintain/test/review/release. Thanks!