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DbSqliteCipher is a plugin bringing support of SQLCipher to the SQLiteStudio.

SQLCipher is an open source extension to SQLite providing AES encryption of database files.

Video presentation

Youtube video

How it looks and works?

The plugin adds a new database type to the Database dialog, called "SQLCipher":

When the new type is selected, also additional settings are presented to the user. All encryption parameters available in SQLCipher are available in the Database dialog, with defaults pre-entered. The "Test connection" will indicate whether the parameters are correct for opening given database file.

Apart from the Database dialog, everything else works like it was a regular SQLite 3 database. You are free edit database schema and data, to copy objects between databases (even of different types) by drag&drop or copy&paste, also the transparent database attaching feature in SQL Editor window works with other SQLite 3 or SQLCipher databases.

Known limitations

  • While transparent attaching in SQL Editor is known to work, it works only in one direction. It means whenever you would like to execute a cross-database query including a SQLCipher database, you should select that SQLCipher database as a "current execution" database in SQL Editor window (in toolbar), then refer to other databases within the query. Only this way will work. You cannot set a regular SQLite3 database as "current execution" database and refer to SQLCipher database in the query - it won't work. This is the only currently known limitation.
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