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Custom SQL function scripts

See Custom SQL functions chapter in User Manual for instructions how to use Custom SQL function scripts.

JS scripts

  • cnt() - replicates standard count(*) function from SQL - it's a simple example of how to implement aggregate function
  • any() - it will select randomly one value from entire set of aggregated values of the passed column
  • stddev() - "Standard Deviation" function
  • frmInt() - Formats integer numbers with separators every three digits
  • frmAmt() - Formats decimal numbers with separators every three digits and comma with two digits following at the end.
  • ip2int() - Converts IPv4 to integer
  • int2ip() - Converts integer to IPv4
  • displayContext() - if you're not sure what variables do you have available in your QtScript function, check it with this function

Tcl scripts

  • find() - finds occurrence of given string in all tables in the database
  • saveToFile() - creates a file for each data row
  • tcl() - runs any Tcl code passed in first argument to the function
  • resequence() - regenerates IDs in table's column, so it does not have gaps. Handles foreign tables too.
  • isLatin1() - checks if passed string contains only a Latin-1 characters

Custom collation scripts