Live timer and logger of command execution times.
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Live timer and logger of command execution times.

Quick Start

Download and install the script:

curl -o ~/.cmd-timer
source ~/.cmd-timer install

File will be downloaded and appropriate entries will be added to your .bashrc or .profile file. Alias cmdt will be created for your convenience.



  • No effort required - install and it just works
  • Highly configurable
  • Live timer during command execution
  • Summary after execution
  • Logging of execution times
  • Exclude certain commands, including parameter checking
  • Callback after a command finishes
  • Compatible with Linux and OS X


Configuration can be done by editing variables at the beginning of the script or by overwriting them through user config. The script will look for user config in:


Possible options and their defaults:

# Where to install the script.

# Minimum time before starting the timer, in seconds.

# Display live timer in the corner of your terminal.

# Display the timer in the terminal title.

# Print the summary after the command finishes.

# Enable logging of execution time to file.

# Log file.

# Do not time these commands. Arguments are matched if present, from the left.
_CMDT_EXCLUDE=( vi vim less emacs pv "tail -f" ssh telnet scp ftp man htop top 
    su screen irrsi irc "sudo -s" )

# Callback to execute after the timer finishes. It will be passed to eval.
_CMDT_CALLBACK='echo -ne \\007'


Script can automatically update itself from latest repository version.

cmdt update


cmdt uninstall

Log format

Data is logged as a semicolon separated list, each entry in a new line.

timestamp ; timer ; command ; parameters

How does it work?

The timer is started by the DEBUG trap and stopped throught PROMPT_COMMAND.

Known issues

  • Trap is not removed when uninstalling. It will disappear in your new session or you can remove it manually by running:
trap - DEBUG
  • Problems with pipes!


  • Better list of commands to exclude from timing