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Description: When your customer's recurring payments are suspended, and you want their due date to stay the same - your only option through the paypal GUI is to give a trial date that ends on their usual payment date. With this page, you can generate a payment button that will charge the customer on their usual due date and ask them to pay what they owe.

whmcs.txt - use this text inside a WHMCS e-mail template to generate a link to the OverdueMemberCalculator (note: rich text formatter must be turned off)

I'm using it for overdue members at my local hackerspace.

The following parameters are required in the URL:

  • email - URI encoded email address of your paypal account
  • lastPaidYear - 4 digit year of when the member last paid (example: 2012)
  • lastPaidMonth - month the member last paid (use numbers 1-12)
  • lastPaidDay - date the person last paid (use numbers 1-31)
  • membershipPrice - price of your membership dues (I've only tested this with whole numbers)

Example of a complete URL:


  • Problem: "The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again."
  • Solution: Use a correct e-mail address in email parameter. You entered one that isn't valid to paypal.