An attempt to reproduce "Resource temporarily unavailable" under load with gunicorn + flask + nginx
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An attempt to build a gunicorn + nginx + flask example that will begin to these errors:

[error] 2388#0: *208027 connect() to unix:/tmp/gunicorn.sock failed (11: Resource temporarily unavailable) while connecting to upstream

The theory is that net.core.somaxconn needs to be increased to solve this problem:

Docker Commands

Building the image

docker build -t somaxconn_test .

Running the container (with default net.core.somaxconn=128)

docker run -p 80:80 somaxconn_test

Running the container (with net.core.somaxconn bumped to 1024)

docker run -p 80:80 --sysctl net.core.somaxconn=1024 somaxconn_test

Poking around inside the container

docker run -it somaxconn_test sh

Load Testing

ab -n 1000 -c 200


Bumping the net.core.somaxconn did end up making the "Resource temporarily unavailable" errors go away.