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Curated Group Join: A CiviCRM extension which provides site admins the ability to add to a form a curated list of groups which users may join
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Curated Group Join

Curated Group Join (com.pawpawworks.civicrm.curatedgroupjoin) is an extension for CiviCRM which enables site admins to add to a form a curated list of groups. While CiviCRM offers a "groups" profile field which can be used to add group sign-up to most forms, the list cannot be curated; all public groups are displayed.

Potential uses for this extension:

  • On a membership sign-up form, allow members to select the member benefits to which they would like to opt-in. (Assumes opt-in is represented as group membership.)
  • Allow users to sign up for email communications, or to join an interest group, without overwhelming them with the list of all public groups.


This extension has not yet been published for in-app installation. General extension installation instructions are available in the CiviCRM System Administrator Guide.


  • PHP v5.6+
  • CiviCRM v4.7+


  1. Go to Contribution > Manage Contribution Pages.
  2. For the contribution form of interest, select Configure > Include Profiles.
  3. Supply a label and select the groups to display to end users. Only static (vs. smart) groups will be displayed, and only if they are active, not hidden, and have their visibility set to "Public Pages." Screenshot: administrative user interface
  4. Visit the public contribution page and note that users can select each group as a checkbox. Screenshot: membership form

Technical Details

This extension creates a new database table civicrm_curated_group_join in which configurations are stored.

Existing CiviCRM forms are modified using classes which implement an interface Civi\Curatedgroupjoin\FormMod\IFace. The classes are named for the forms that they modify. See Civi\Curatedgroupjoin\FormMod\CRM\Contribute\Form\ContributionPage\Custom for an example of how to add a configuration screen for site administrators. See Civi\Curatedgroupjoin\FormMod\CRM\Contribute\Form\Contribution\Main for an example of exposing the configured groups to end users. Note that new form-modifying classes can be added to a third-party extension provided they are named according to the above pattern and that CiviCRM's autoloader can find them.

Known Issues/Limitations

  • When a contribution form is configured not to use a confirmation page, and the user submitting the form is anonymous, CiviCRM does not provide hook_civicrm_postProcess subscribers a way to identify the contact. Therefore, contacts cannot be added to groups in this context; as a stopgap measure, the extension will not activate. (#1)
  • Supports only Contribution Pages. There are no plans to develop similar functionality for event registration pages or other forms. If you would like to develop or sponsor such functionality, please reach out.



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