Chaskey PRF implementation in C#
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Chaskey (C#)

Chaskey PRF implementation in C#. The code is in public domain, free for anyone to use.

Chaskey is a PRF heavily based on SipHash, but targeting limited 32-bit platforms, like microcontrollers etc.


The C# code has been heavily optimized both for short and long messages.


Below are the results of a benchmark (processing 10 GiB in 4 KiB chunks) I ran on laptop i7 3630QM (Turbo Boost enabled) on Win8.1:

Runtime Mode Speed
.NET 4.6.1 64 bit 630 MiB/s
.NET 4.6.1 32 bit 575 MiB/s
.NET Core RC 2 64 bit 1 022 MiB/s
.NET Core RC 2 32 bit 575 MiB/s

Please note that 64-bit .NET Core Preview 2 JIT supports bit rotation idioms, while the 32-bit .NET Core JIT and the full .NET framework JITs still translate rotations into a series of SHIFTs, MOV and OR instructions (which is the reason for massive performance difference).