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Payabbhi Plugin for Magento v1.x

Payabbhi plugin for Magento enables zero-code integration with Payabbhi Checkout via Payabbhi PHP Library.

This plugin is compatible with Magento 1.x.x.


  • Magento 1.x
  • PHP >= 5.4.45 and <= 5.6.26


Make sure you have signed up for your Payabbhi Account and downloaded the API keys from the Portal.

Clone/Download this repository and merge/copy the following folders in your Magento installation directory:

  • app
  • js
  • payabbhi-php


  1. Navigate to Magento Dashboard > System > Configuration > Payment Methods
  2. Click on Payabbhi (Card / NetBanking / UPI / Wallet) to configure Payabbhi:
  • Access ID - Set value as per your Payabbhi Account
  • Secret Key - Set value as per your Payabbhi Account
  • Enabled - Set to Yes
  • Title - Payabbhi description displayed on Magento Checkout page - Set to Pay via Payabbhi (Card / NetBanking / UPI / Wallet)
  • Override Merchant Name - Merchant name to be displayed on Payabbhi Checkout Form - (Optional setting)
  • payment_auto_capture - Set to enabled

Magento Cache may need to be cleared from the Admin panel (`System` -> `Cache Management`), in case `Payabbhi` does not appear as per #2 above.

Your Magento installation is now enabled for Payments acceptance via Payabbhi Checkout.