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PAYARA-1763 uber jar creator is more forgiving for jar entries that a… #1687

merged 1 commit into from Jun 20, 2017


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commented Jun 17, 2017

…re not STORED. Uber jar now converts them to STORED entries

PAYARA-1763 uber jar creator is more forgiving for jar entries that a…
…re not STORED. Uber jar now converts them to STORED entries

@smillidge smillidge added this to the Payara 173 milestone Jun 17, 2017


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commented Jun 18, 2017

jenkins test please


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commented Jun 18, 2017

One or more tests have failed


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commented Jun 19, 2017

Jenkins test please


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commented Jun 19, 2017

One or more tests have failed


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commented Jun 19, 2017

Failed trying to run the admingui quicklook test. Will give it another go to see if it fails on it again.


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commented Jun 19, 2017

Jenkins, would you kindly?


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commented Jun 19, 2017

All tests have passed

@smillidge smillidge merged commit e666def into payara:master Jun 20, 2017

3 checks passed

JDK7 Ubuntu Builder JDK7 Build Passed.
JDK7 Ubuntu Tester JDK7 tests passed.
Jenkins Job Handler All builds and tests successfully completed.

Pandrex247 added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 28, 2017

Update Payara Blue (#1775)
* log a warning when OSGi exception results from an API load, instead of swallowing the error

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0
upgrade on hk2 version

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0
Upgrade to b36

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0
OSGIfied hibernate-validator-cdi and deployed to Payara_PatchedProjects

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0
moved onto custom version of hibernate-validator classified as payara-p1

* PAYARA-1450 updated jersey to 2.25.1

* Increment version numbers for

* Increment version numbers (#1603)

* Setting the SecurityContext after JASPIC authentication

* Changed room name column to room id for xmpp notifier

* Payara 1652 reentrant stateful ejb (#1629)

* Fix calling method on self injection by allowing limited reentrance

* Refactoring; broke up large _getContext in smaller methods

* PAYARA-1637 Added exclusive table locking per tx in JBatch derby (#1597)

This should prevent or reduce the frequent deadlocks occuring when
JBatch is used together with Derby and reading or writing check points.

* Update OldJdk string (#1598)

* PAYARA-1498 update readme with supported jdks and oss (#1607)

* PAYARA-1498 Updated README with supported jdks and oss

* PAYARA-1498 A few grammar edits and minor changes - fixed the heading

* PAYARA-1498 Further small changes

* PAYARA-1498 further minor changes

* PAYARA-1498 Added tested oss and jvms

* PAYARA-1498 Fixed full stop

* PAYARA-1498 Moved sentence order

* Updated with version numbers

* PAYARA-1619-Upon-start-some-healthchecks-do-not-run-when-enabled (#1599)

* Payara 1159 admin console integration for ejb pool features (#1610)

* Added limit instances and max wait time in millis variables to the ejb container

* Connected fields to backend

* Changed incorrect label on EJB pool idle timeout field

* Set default max wait time in millis to a minute

* Added copyright notices and updated variable types

* Updated container initialisation to account for data type changes, and updated limitInstances field name to limitInstancesEnabled

* PAYARA-1698-POM-clean-up-on-versions (#1613)

* PAYARA-1702 Return error with non-success response code in datadog notifier (#1617)

* PAYARA-1564 Display the list of virtual servers a webapp has been deployed to (#1624)

* PAYARA-1564 Corrected error where missing else meant war files with ejbs would evaluate as ejbs

* PAYARA-1564 Updated license headers

* PAYARA-1564 Removed errant ] from license header

* PAYARA-1701-payara-embedded-all-no-longer-standalone-in- (#1618)

* PAYARA-1715 Implemented processing of transactional attribute

This attribute was already being collected in the original code with
even a check if it was set of not, but then eventually the last part was
not implemented.

* PAYARA-1718 Fixed Jersey reference -product- with JAX-RS -standard-

* using Class.forName() for arrays, as ClassLoader.loadClass() does not work for arrays (#1621)

* PAYARA-1133 Initial Working impl

* PAYARA-1133 Clean up, copyright, and commenting

* If no trace listener is set by the add-resources command, set the trace listener to an empty String to prevent the new default kicking in

* PAYARA-1728 Another Jackson update

* PAYARA-1590 Update EclipseLink to 2.6.4.payara-p2 (#1611)

* PAYARA-1694-Healthcheck-still-prints-out-error-in-log (#1626)

* PAYARA-1375 lowered log level of flashlight listener registration (#1643)

* PAYARA-1696 stop previous thread when notifier is configured (#1640)

Only a single thread will now exist for each notifer.

* PAYARA-1690-asadmin-get-log-notifier-configuration-fails (#1625)

* PAYARA-1685 fix issues when caching IIOP endpoints in remote EJBs (#1605)

* re-setting IIOP endpoints when creating InitialContext if the environment specifies them

* portions added in 2017

* PAYARA-1613 SOAPHandlers not working correctly with Dependency Injection on EJBs (#1609)

* initialize Web service endpoints only after it's EJB dependencies have been loaded

* make sure that Jax-WS endpoints are initialized for only the application that is asking for it by checking application name

* making sure the endpoints are registered for application that actually loaded it

* PAYARA-1691-useSeparateLogFile-is-not-optional-in-notification-log-configure-command (#1627)

* PAYARA-1681 Add default JVM options check (#1642)

* Check for the presence of the Grizzly memory manager JVM option, setting to OUR default if it isn't

* Give class better name

* Copyright

* Formatting

* Don't mark command as failed when not enabled (#1651)

* Source jar now generated using Maven base pom

* Javadoc plugin added to aggregator pom

* Initial commit for the Arquillian containers.

These are derived from the JBoss GlassFish Arquillian containers.

* Updated artefactId and version of Arquillian containers

* GlassFishClient to PayaraClient renaming

* Remove needless "this." prefix.

* Fixed wrong Javadoc and applied formatting

* Fixed Javadoc copy/paste error

* Added excludes

* Corrected typo and simplified code while at it

* Renamed GlassFish to Payara, again.

* Set things up so distributions can deploy to Sonatype snapshot repository

* Updated license headers for .java files

* Updated license headers of pom files

* PAYARA-1732 Unexpected-error-when-retrieving-JDBC-connections-on-remote-applications (#1661)

* PAYARA-1733-Package-Payara-Public-API-dependency-into-Embedded-editions (#1660)

* Added API distribution deployment

* PAYARA-1738 Some minor refactoring

* Added javadoc and source generation and fixed javadoc errors

* Fixed bug wrt passing domain argument

* UPdated nexus staging plugin version

* Payara 1322 application deployment time (#1585)

* Added property in application to store the time taken to deploy.

* Added deployment time column to application table as well as property under application properties in admin console, and changed deployment time to be millisecond accurate. Fixed failing test on application class due to new interface.

* Added portuguese and spanish translations

* Changed datatype of deployment time to string to prevent errors

* Added copyright notices to changed files

* Removed default value and added double validator

* Moved class ApplicationDeploymentTime into payara folder

* Used already built in Deployment Time variable

* Updated osgi.bundle to accept new package

* Changed strings to say milliseconds from seconds

* fix for license plate

* PAYARA-1494 Updated inner README with JDKs and recommendations to dow… (#1653)

* PAYARA-1494 Updated inner README with JDKs and recommendations to download blue if running IBM

* Update README.txt

* Update README.txt

* PAYARA-1722 stop-all-domains no longer ignores with kill (#1648)

* PAYARA-1707 Password and auth fields added to JavaMail Sessions in admingui (#1639)

* PAYARA-1707 Added password field to JavaMail sessionin admingui

* PAYARA-1707 Added auth field to JavaMail Sessions in admingui

* PAYARA-1707 Updated copyright

* Fixes #1632 (#1647)

Fixes #1632 PAYARA-1742

* PAYARA-1616-Dont-restart-service-when-multiple-notifiers-are-configured (#1622)

* PAYARA-1731-Upgrade-Grizzly-to-2.3.31

* PAYARA-1731-Upgrade-Grizzly-to-2.3.31
fixed grizzly version in package config

* Removed unnecessary old profile

* PAYARA-1402-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0 (#1393)

* Added attribution for JBoss to 3rd party license text file

* PAYARA-1132 Make Enabling Slow SQL Logging Dynamic (#1657)

* Removed jdk8 profile

* PAYARA-1704-stop-all-domains-erroneously-accepts-an-operand (#1682)

* PAYARA-1757 upgrade Weld to service pack (#1686)

* PAYARA-1762 fix race in boot of Payara Micro when multiple instances initialising so member name not present (#1685)

* NullPointerException bugfix related to #1632 (#1678)


* PAYARA-1765 Distributable web.xml handling broken for WEB-INF/lib archive (#1692)

* application is still considered distributable when archives don't have web-fragment.xml are present.
fixes #1689

* copyright fix

* fixed failing test

* PAYARA-1561 Payara Micro fails fast if there is an error in boot (#1690)

* Payara-micro now fails fast

* Added copyright

* PAYARA-1770 Throw an unprocessed change when editing a HTTP listener with monitoring enabled. Also edits the similar message for Thread Pools, and makes it so that the HTTP listener is only recreated if something has actually changed. (#1695)

* added ORB listener lazy initialization check boxes to admin console (#1693)

* PAYARA-1759 enable the admin console to support ALL logger level. (#1691)

* PAYARA-1759 enable the admin console to support ALL logger level.
Mitigates issue caused by upstream fix GLASSFISH-21560

* Update loggerLevels.jsf

changed comma to space to match other lists in the JSF

* PAYARA-1763 uber jar creator is more forgiving for jar entries that are not STORED. Uber jar now converts them to STORED entries (#1687)

* PAYARA 1739 Pre and Post boot command parsing problem (#1665)

* Corrected the two parsing methods to the same one

* Changed comment parsing line to still read commands before comment on same line

* Changed parsing to allow for multiple spaces and corrected comment removal code

* PAYARA-1077 JBatch table creation fails on MySQL (#1711)

* PAYARA-1072 PAYARA-1740 Refactor context util and bug fixes (#1700)

* big progress - now allows to create Java EE context from Component ID alone

* forced servlet-style invocation for synthetics

* EntryProcessorProxy is now serializable

* grealy simplified usage of JavaEEContextUtil, allowing to use @cleanup or try-with-resources

* proxying getCache() as well as createCache() now, was causing paths of the code not to invoke JavaEE context

* another fix for BDA IDs with versioned application
This time for compatibility between versioned apps and Payara micro

* revert hazelcast upgrade

* CORBA lazy initialization loads security classes via Common class laoder, preventing not found classes (#1715)

* PAYARA-1729 new IIOP listener lazy init (#1727)

* fixed broken "new ORB listener" functionality

* PAYARA-1729 new iiop listener lazy init now works

* upgrade to CORBA -p7 (#1723)

* Temporarily disable the arquillian container tests due to a clash with Jenkins (#1729)

* PAYARA-1708 Updated version to match Payara Patched Mojarra version (#1726)

* PAYARA-1780-healthcheck-configure-gives-errors-if-deprecated-option--notifierEnabled-is-missing (#1708)

* PAYARA-1787 Fixed redirect port and no-compression user agent not all… (#1730)

* PAYARA-1787 Fixed redirect port and no-compression user agent not allowing reset

* Update Copyright

* PAYARA-1792 resolve environment substitutions on deployment (#1718)

* PAYARA-1800 notifiers do not start on boot if not enabled (#1731)

* PAYARA-1810 check whether we are running in Payara Micro before messing with application IDs (#1732)

* PAYARA-1802 jms description (#1737)

* PAYARA-1802 formatting

* PAYARA-1802 - Fixes JMS connection factory description not shown

* Copyright

* PAYARA-812 Payara Fang (#1638)

* Initial impl

* Working draft

* Working context roots

* Move into one module

* Moved payara-fang application dependency again

* Rename module

* Refactor to allow multiple context roots

* Fill out set command

* Delayed boot working

* Minor refactor

* Copyright

* Dynamic start working on DAS and Standalones

* Update version number to match master

* Cleanup and comments

* Move Payara Fang into repo

* Make securityEnabled not require restart

* Remove old module, and add in defaults creation

* Remove unnecessary dependencies and fix version

* Finish up

* Login page edits

* Fix version numbers

* PAYARA-812 Update missed version numbers

* PAYARA-1560 Third party library classloading on micro (#1699)

* PAYARA-1763 uber jar creator is more forgiving for jar entries that are not STORED. Uber jar now converts them to STORED entries

* Can now add a library to the classpath for Payara Micro

* PAYARA-1560 A lib directory can now be added to payara micro

* Nested Uberjar now works

* Nested launcher also works

* Copyright update

* Moved library loading to before micro is booted

Also renamed option from addlibs to addjars

* Can now add multiple jars at once sperated by a colon

* PAYARA-1560 added method so libraries can be added programatically

* Moved programatic adding library to it uses the correct classloader

* PAYARA-1618 outputuberjar packages up applications deployed to rootdir (#1705)

* PAYARA-1618 outputuberjar packages up applications deployed to rootdir

* Requested changes

* PAYARA-1782 add-library command now dynamically adds the files to the… (#1725)

* PAYARA-1782 add-library command now dynamically adds the files to the classloader

Note that problems will occur if there are multiple classes with the
same full name, as only the first one to be loaded will be used.

* Reset log levels back to normal

* PAYARA-1663 Allow support view to be disabled (#1706)

* PAYARA-1663 support view can now be disabled

* PAYARA-1663 support view can (dis)enabled from the admin console

* removed debug outputtext

* Payara 1339 (#1712)

* ODCS: (IDCINTER-72) Forward port bug 23745407

git-svn-id: 6f3ba3e3-413c-0410-a8aa-90bee3ab43b5

* Missed copyright header year change. IDCINTER-71,72,73

git-svn-id: 6f3ba3e3-413c-0410-a8aa-90bee3ab43b5

* PAYARA-1812-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0.b38 (#1734)

* PAYARA-1700-Add-threshold-configuration-to-the-GC-health-check (#1733)

* PAYARA-1393 Deploy without checking the database (#1736)

* PAYARA-1713 Add occupied context roots to virtual server list (#1709)

* PAYARA-1713 Added context roots to Virtual Servers page

* PAYARA-1713 Removed irrelevant files

* PAYARA-1713 Removed unused imports

* PAYARA-1713 Removed comment

* PAYARA-1713 Fixed issue with default config displaying server's applications

* Added Copyright Header amendment

* Removed random character addition

* PAYARA-1713 Added capacity for multiple virtual servers per application

* PAYARA-1713 Added context root to

* PAYARA-1713 Added

* PAYARA-1713 Fixed requested changes

* PAYARA-1555 Added filtered parameters to asadmin recorder service to help handle passwords

* PAYARA-1555 Fixed copyright header and removed unused imports

* PAYARA-1809 Payara Micro Eventbus uses hazelcast instance name (#1753)

* Allowed for hashtags in values for commands. Hashtags will only be ignored if they are at the start of a line or they have whitespace before them (#1751)

* PAYARA-1832-Add-link-to-Notification-service-configuration-page-from-other-services-in-Admin-Console (#1749)

* explicit SEPARATOR_CHAR context parameter, in case default-web.xml overwrites it (#1761)

* PAYARA-1699-Add-ability-to-limit-historic-trace-store-size-by-time (#1755)

* PAYARA-1699-Add-ability-to-limit-historic-trace-store-size-by-time

* PAYARA-1699-Add-ability-to-limit-historic-trace-store-size-by-time
more fixes according to Steve's comments

* Changed Healthcheck to HealthCheck in Admin Console (#1746)

Changed Healthcheck to HealthCheck in Admin Console PAYARA-1859

* PAYARA-1839  Update docs link in admin console home (#1740)

* update main

* de

* es

* fr

* it

* ja

* ko

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Payara 1790 (#1717)

* ODCS: (IDCINTER-73) Forward port bug 23184848

git-svn-id: 6f3ba3e3-413c-0410-a8aa-90bee3ab43b5

* PAYARA-1790 ODCS: (IDCINTER-71) Forward porting 23745443

git-svn-id: 6f3ba3e3-413c-0410-a8aa-90bee3ab43b5

* PAYARA-1790 committing upstream changes although it seems to break Default Principal functionality in the admin console

* PAYARA-1860-Upgrade-HK2-to-2.5.0.b42 (#1764)

* Payara 1361 zendesk integration bugs and improvements (#1766)

* Fixed bugs and improvments : PAYARA-1653,PAYARA-1654,PAYARA-1655,PAYARA-1657,PAYARA-1658,PAYARA-1659,PAYARA-1660,PAYARA-1662,PAYARA-1663,PAYARA-1664,PAYARA-1665,PAYARA-1666,PAYARA-1667,PAYARA-1668,PAYARA-1669,PAYARA-1671,PAYARA-1672,PAYARA-1673,PAYARA-1674,PAYARA-1670,PAYARA-1675,PAYARA-1676,PAYARA-1677

* PAYARA : 1661 : Fixed styles to make it similar to admin console

* test

* PAYARA-1824 : Changed some texts to avoid Zendesk references
PAYARA-1825 : Changed the way to show and hide tooltips, need to test inside server
PAYARA-1828 : Added server group to button list, commented source code line
PAYARA-1829 : Layout reordered and spaces added
PAYARA-1830 : Changed flags cssand markdown structure
PAYARA-1831 : Buttons alignment improved to fit better
PAYARA-1826 : Added ability to remove files to upload before send the comment or ticketPAYARA-1827 : Changed files layout to be more organized

* PAYARA-1837 : Fixed errors on upload files

* PAYARA-1847 : Fixed New Request creation bug for Environment and Version

* PAYARA-1361-FixesAndImprovemntsAfterTestRound

* PAYARA-1361

* PAYARA-1183 default web service realm configuration (#1760)

* added default EJB web service login configuration

* removed lombok dependency just for logger

* PAYARA-1317-Admin-Console-integration-for-listing-historical-traces-of-Request-Tracing (#1759)

* PAYARA-1317-Admin-Console-integration-for-listing-historical-traces-of-Request-Tracing

* PAYARA-1317-Admin-Console-integration-for-listing-historical-traces-of-Request-Tracing
aligned class names of asadmin commands with their path names

* PAYARA-1767 (#1767)

* PAYARA-1767 prospective fix

* PAYARA-1767 Add option to set it as a property of the ORB

* Correct logic

* PAYARA-1723 JMX Connector doesn't listen on all configured IPs when hostname is or * (#1750)

* PAYARA-1796 add prepend options to asadmin recorder (#1754)

* PAYARA-1555 Added filtered parameters to asadmin recorder service to help handle passwords

* PAYARA-1555 Fixed copyright header and removed unused imports

* PAYARA-1796 Added prependable asadmin utility options to asadminrecorder

* PAYARA-1796 fixed null pointer on boot

* PAYARA-1796 Fixed tabs not appearing

* PAYARA-1796 Fixed wrong set and strings

* PAYARA-1796 Fixed NRE again

* PAYARA-1796 Fixed prependOptions not being set when navigating back to page

* PAYARA-1796 Updated Copyright

* PAYARA-1796 Updated parsing of bad commands, incorrect commands now output to log the specific incorrect command

* Delete (#1768)

* Increment version numbers (#1603)

* PAYARA-1779 Change Quicklook tests to run against default portbase. (#1770)

* PAYARA-1779 Change the admin ports back to default

* PAYARA-1779 Change other ports back to default

* PAYARA-1779 Change domain to the new test domain

lprimak pushed a commit to flowlogix/Payara that referenced this pull request Sep 19, 2017

PAYARA-1763 uber jar creator is more forgiving for jar entries that a…
…re not STORED. Uber jar now converts them to STORED entries (payara#1687)

@smillidge smillidge deleted the smillidge:PAYARA-1763 branch Jan 6, 2018

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