Terraform module for creating an AWS Security Group
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Module terraform_aws_security_group is a Terraform module to create AWS security groups. However, it also helps manage ICMP rules in the sense that will create, if desired, a policy that denies all ICMP except for ICMP type 3, which helps manage path MTU discovery. It also will tag your security group for you, if desired.

Usage Example:

module "security_group" {
  source       = "github.com/paybyphone/terraform_aws_security_group?ref=VERSION"
  vpc_id       = "${var.vpc_id}"
  project_path = "your/project"


Name Description Type Default Required
allow_icmp Controls whether or not to allow ALL ICMP. If this is set to "false", ICMP type 3 (host unreachable) is still allowed to facilitate path MTU discovery and other host path issues. string true no
description The description field for the Security Group. The default is the built-in Terraform default: "Managed by Terraform". string Managed by Terraform no
display_name A value for the Name tag. If not set, the tag is not created. string `` no
project_path The path of the project in VCS. string - yes
vpc_id The ID of the VPC. string - yes


Name Description
security_group_id The ID of the created security group.