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Datadog plugin for Caddy HTTP/2 web server

Datadog plugin allow Caddy HTTP/2 web server to send some metrics to Datadog via statsd.


In your Caddy configuration file, you have to use the directive datadog to enable Datadog metric harvester on each configuration blocks where it was needed.

In the following example, all requests on won't be harvested. {
  datadog "area"              # area is optional
} {
  datadog "area" {            # area is optional
    statsd  # Optional - can be any valid hostname with port
    tags      tag1 tag2 tagN  # Optional
    namespace caddy.          # Optional
} {
} {

Note: As you can see on the previous example, the directive datadog can be configured only once.


The plugin send following metrics to Datadog:

Metric Type Unit
caddy.requests.per_s Gauge requests per second
caddy.responses.1xx Gauge requests
caddy.responses.2xx Gauge requests
caddy.responses.3xx Gauge requests
caddy.responses.4xx Gauge requests
caddy.responses.5xx Gauge requests
caddy.responses.size_byte Gauge bytes
caddy.responses.duration Gauge nanoseconds


This project is released under terms of the MIT license.