Look up BIN/IIN numbers using binlist.net
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BIN/IIN look up

Lookup card BIN numbers using https://www.binlist.net

IIN (Issuer Identification Number) is the more modern name.

Useful for querying information from a credit card such as:

  • brand (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.)
  • expected card number length and LUHN algorithm support
  • type (debit or credit)
  • category (prepaid or classic)
  • country
  • issuing bank

What is a BIN?

The BIN is the first digits of a card number: 0000 0000 **** ****. You can pass any card number prefix of 4-9 digits. More numbers will return more information.


Works in browser environments using Browserify or similar.

var lookup = require('binlookup')();

// using callbacks
	function( err, data ){

// using promises
	data => console.log(data));

Example data returned:

	number: {
		length: 16,
		luhn: true
	scheme: 'visa',
	type: 'debit',
	brand: 'Visa/Dankort',
	prepaid: false,
	country: {
		numeric: '208',
		alpha2: 'DK',
		name: 'Denmark',
		emoji: '🇩🇰',
		currency: 'DKK',
		latitude: 56,
		longitude: 10
	bank: {
		name: 'Jyske Bank',
		url: 'www.jyskebank.dk',
		phone: '+4589893300',
		city: 'Hjørring'


You can cache the response using AsyncCache or similar:

var lookup = require('binlookup')();
var AsyncCache = require('async-cache');

var cache = new AsyncCache({
	load: lookup,

cache.get(bin, function( err, data ){