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Paylike client (Go)

Writing your own client? Checkout the raw HTTP service.

Make sure to subscribe to our mailling list for deprecation notices, API changes and new features

Godoc for the project

Getting an API key

An API key can be obtained by creating a merchant and adding an app through our dashboard. If your app's target audience is third parties, please reach out and we will make your app's API key hidden.


go get
import paylike ""

client := paylike.NewClient(os.Getenv("PAYLIKE_APP_KEY"))


// change key for authentication

// this command is also chainable
app, err := client.SetKey("key").FetchApp()

// create an app (requires no authentication)
createdApp, err := client.CreateApp()

// create an app with a dedicated name
createdAppWithName, err := client.CreateAppWithName("myApplication")

// fetch current app (based on key)
app, err := client.FetchApp()

// list app's merchants with limit
merchants, err := client.FetchMerchants("appID", 10)

// create merchant
merchant, err := client.CreateMerchant(paylike.MerchantCreateDTO{
    Test:       true,
    Currency:   "HUF",
    Email:      TestEmail,
    Website:    TestSite,
    Descriptor: "1234567897891234",
    Company: &MerchantCompany{
        Country: "HU",

// update merchant
err := client.UpdateMerchant(paylike.MerchantUpdateDTO{
    Name:       "Test",
    Descriptor: "Test",
    Email:      "",

// get merchant
fetchedMerchant, err := client.GetMerchant(merchant.ID)

// add users
data, err := client.InviteUserToMerchant(merchant.ID, "")

// revoke users
err := client.RevokeUserFromMerchant(merchant.ID, users[0].ID)

// fetch users with limit
users, err := client.FetchUsersToMerchant(merchant.ID, 3)

// add app
err := client.AddAppToMerchant(merchant.ID, app.ID)

// revoke app
err := client.RevokeAppFromMerchant(merchant.ID, app.ID)

// fetch apps with limit
apps, err := client.FetchAppsToMerchant(merchant.ID, 2)

// fetch lines with limit
lines, err := client.FetchLinesToMerchant(merchant.ID, 1)

// create transaction
data, err := client.CreateTransaction(merchant.ID, paylike.TransactionDTO{
    TransactionID: "560fd96b7973ff3d2362a78c",
    Currency:      "EUR",
    Amount:        200,
    Custom:        map[string]interface{}{"source": "test"},

// fetch transactions with limit
transactions, err := client.ListTransactions(merchant.ID, 20)

// transaction capture
dto := paylike.TransactionTrailDTO{
    Amount:     2,
    Currency:   "EUR",
    Descriptor: "Testing",
transaction, err := client.CaptureTransaction(transaction.ID, dto)

// transaction refund
dto := paylike.TransactionTrailDTO{
    Amount:     1,
    Descriptor: "Testing Refund",
transaction, err := client.RefundTransaction(data.ID, dto)

// transaction void
dto := paylike.TransactionTrailDTO{
    Amount: 1,
transaction, err := client.VoidTransaction(data.ID, dto)

// transaction find
transaction, err := client.FindTransaction(data.ID)

// card create
dto := paylike.CardDTO{
    TransactionID: "560fd96b7973ff3d2362a78c",
data, err := client.CreateCard(merchant.ID, dto)

// card find
card, err := client.FetchCard(data.ID)

A webshop would typically need only CaptureTransaction, RefundTransaction and VoidTransaction. Some might as well use ListTransactions and for recurring subscriptions CreateTransaction.