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  • trees are a treat for treeeater
  • use it to call git commands in Node
  • it is written in CoffeeScript and is heavily using its sweet syntactic sugar
  • - yes, you can give me money :P


  • an asynchronous wrapper around git spawning commands
  • use git help to find out how to get things done
  • specify command line options in an readable and easy way in Coffee Script
  • some output is being parsed into objects which actually make some sense!

usage in Coffee Script

  • provide a callback to get the whole output
git.version console.log
# git version
  • or listen on item or data events to get it line-, item- or chunkwise
n = 0
buffer = git.log()
buffer.on 'item', (line) -> console.log "#{n += 1}:", line

buffer = 'package.json', 'HEAD^'
file = fs.createWriteStream("package.json.bak")
file.on 'open', -> buffer.pipe file
  • put command line arguments as key: value pairs or strings into your call
Git = require 'treeeater'
# an option on construction is default for all calls
git = new Git cwd: 'parrot'
# ~/parrot$ git log -1 --pretty=raw HEAD^^
log = git.log 1:null, pretty:'raw', 'HEAD^^'
log.on 'item', do_something_with_it
# change current working directory, which must exist
git.opts.cwd = 'dead'
# git init --bare -L .
git.init bare:null, L:'.'
  • some functions are not named after git commands and provide some parsed output
n = 0
commits = git.commits()
commits.on 'item', (commit) ->
    if my_email is
        n += 1
commits.on 'close', ->
    console.log "I've authored #{n} commits!"

git.tree 'HEAD', (trees) ->
    coffee = []
    tree = git.tree_hierachy(trees)
    for stuff in tree
        if stuff.type == 'tree'
            for more_stuff in stuff
                if '.coffee' in more_stuff.path
                    coffee.push more_stuff
    console.log "#{coffe.length} coffee files in level 1 subfolders"