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+:slug: spyros-ioakeimidis
+Spyros is working as a software engineer in Paylogic. He is a firm believer of
+the idea that software engineering is not just a craftsmanship, which has to do
+something with computers. Software engineering is about collaboration and communication
+between groups of people to solve real-life problems by using innovative technologies.
+That is why he enjoys doing it. Besides computers though, Spyros likes to go out
+with friends, watch movies, play piano, do improv comedy, and study and learn
+about new technologies.
+Feel free to contact Spyro by sending an email to: `
+<>`_. If what you read so far seems interesting,
+you can read more about Spyro in his `linkedin <>`_
+profile and `personal <>`_ site.

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