Slides for introduction to gradle 2013 tech talk
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Slides for Gradle 2013 tech talk

Presentation here:

Thanks to Jeff Sheets!


  • Node
  • Bower

####Getting Started

  • Run npm install to install node dependencies
  • Run bower install to install client-side dependencies

####Grunt Commands

  • grunt assemble

    • Minify/uglify the javascript source and css
    • Compiles jade
    • Stages everything in the dist folder
  • grunt run

    • Starts a server running on port 8000
    • watches for changes on project files
    • When files change, the assemble task is re-run and
    • Livereload triggers browser update on assemble task completion
  • grunt publish

    • Publishes slides to GitHub pages
    • Uses git subtree merge to merge the contents of dist into the gh-pages branch

    Thanks to Mike Kelly for the reveal.js template!