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Simple socket server for testing
default port 1313, use -p to change
import SocketServer
import json
import sys, getopt
import csv
def get_args(argv):
""" get sys args """
port = 1313
opts, args = getopt.getopt(argv[1:], "p:", ["port="])
for opt, arg in opts:
if opt in ('-p', '--port'):
port = arg
return port
class MyTCPServer(SocketServer.ThreadingTCPServer):
allow_reuse_address = True
class MyTCPServerHandler(SocketServer.BaseRequestHandler):
def handle(self):
data = json.loads(self.request.recv(1024).strip())
print data
# save data to file
for key, val in data['temp data'].iteritems():
fname = data['unit_id'] + key +'.csv'
with open(fname, 'ab') as outfile:
writer = csv.writer(outfile, delimiter=',', quoting=csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL)
writer.writerow([data['datetime'], val])
# send some 'ok' back
except Exception, e:
print "Exception while receiving message: ", e
def main(argv):
""" set up the server """
port = get_args(argv)
ip_addr = ''
server = MyTCPServer((ip_addr, 1313), MyTCPServerHandler)
print "Server established. listening on address: ", ip_addr, " port: ", port
if __name__ == '__main__':