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A browser based badge creator for EventBrite - built with jquery mobile

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I created this little app for the ATT Hackathon at the PayPal HQ in Aug 2011.  We had 400 people registered and advance printing
of badges always causes confusion.  

So I created this in jQuery Mobile, and ran it on my Laptop Safari browser.  The label printer was the DYMO 450 and worked
like a charm.  I went with the largest packing labels which double as badges.

Since iPad AIR printing is limited on supported printers, I couldn't use that, but maybe in the future.

Everything is hardcoded including the logos, title of event and date.  Also the event id i use to retrieve the attendee
list from event brite is hard coded. I imagine this could all be dynamic with a little work.

Also, this only ran in Safari, other browsers where throwing errors.

Lastly, the attendee data is cached locally in the browser, adding a refresh button would be great for last minute
registrants.  Because once it's cached, it doesn't hit the event brite server again.

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