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InnerSource Commons

This repo primarily serves to host the pages for InnerSource Commons. The master branch holds the source and the gh-pages branch holds the Jekyll rendered output.


TODO: Add contributing guidelines.

  • Ensure that img tags have alt attributes populated (for accessibility)
  • The main page's left hand side sidebar is edited at _includes/_sidebar.html
  • The navigational links at the top of the pages are at _data/_navigation.yml
  • Event pages are under events; other main pages are under pages

git command line tips

  • Do this once when you've checked out your fork of the main ISC repo: git remote add upstream
  • Do this to rebase the fork with the main ISC repo:
    • git fetch upstream
    • git checkout master
    • git rebase upstream/master
  • Make your changes and test/check them
  • Push them to your fork
    • git add <files>
    • git commit -m "comment" <files>
    • git push origin master
  • At this point, I usually go to the github web page for my fork to create the PR

Build process:

  • Install ruby
  • Install bundler gem
  • Run 'bundle install'
  • Run 'jekyll build -s <master branch location> -d <gh-pages location>'
    • Note that most of the local links refer to /InnerSourceCommons, so you probably want to direct the gh-pages location to a directory that ends in /InnerSourceCommons
  • Copy from <master branch location> to <gh-pages location>