InnerSource survey questions

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2016-09-21 Update: the 2016 survey is up and receiving answers with many of the questions below plus others from kjstol.

Help us brainstorm questions for a survey of channel participants. The intention is to have an anonymous survey to generate data that can be useful for checking on the state of corporate InnerSource programs

  • rough size of your company
    • 0-1K, 1K-5K, 5K-10K, 10K-50K, 50K+?
  • rough number of inner sourced projects in your company
  • number of developers participating in inner sourcing
  • (subjective) level of success
    • not successful, not very successful yet, too early to say, modestly successful, very successful, extremely successful
  • benefits achieved
  • number of years of the program
  • platform(s) used for software configuration management
  • platform(s) used for continuous integration
  • platform(s) used for communication
  • corporate culture assessment
  • projections of the inner source trend in the company
    • declining, flat, improving, exponential growth, etc
  • inner source challenges/problems still needing solutions
  • inner source challenges/problems you've overcome
  • biggest inner source lessons learned or advice you want to share
  • Are you planning to attend the 2016 Inner Source Commons Fall Summit in Boston?
  • What sessions would you like to see at the summit? It's okay to answer even if you're not able to attend.
  • What outputs would you like to see come out of the summit? Specific questions to be answered?
  • Any other thoughts you want to share with the rest of the community?
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