Is your organization ready for InnerSource

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Check Out Klaas-Jan Stol's Article!

  • What is your culture?
    • How motivated?
    • What does your management support look like?
    • Transparency?
  • What is your coding/communication environment?
    • Is your Codebase in github or publicly available/viewable to all employees?
    • Do you have employees that have already been involved in Open Source?
      • Is their input listened to?
    • Code review?
    • Unit testing | CI/CD
    • Asynchronous vs. synchronous communication (eg: Email vs. Slack)
  • What is your level of commitment?
    • Is there buy-in for upfront investment to enable innersourcing?
    • Is this a one-shot (for a specific project) or universal?
    • Code-dump vs. Code-collaboration
  • Measurement
    • Do you have Baseline Metrics?
    • What are your company’s goals?
    • How do you measure success?
    • what is success?
    • Code Reviews?
    • Have you figured out the KPI’s that will matter for your culture?
      • Remember Gamification and testing teaches the test
    • Ongoing tracking of
      • Resources
      • Time
      • Cost
    • Have you identified an initial team to roll out with?
      • Agile to fail fast at first? Or a small project?
      • Take at least a quarter or half a year to see
      • Or address levels of InnerSource
      • See Doc [Is Your Team Ready for InnerSource](Is your team ready for InnerSource)
    • Do you have a way to aggregate your documentation?
      • Ways to capture Mentoring Conversations
    • How to do intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for people and teams?
      • Reputational Feedback game like Badges
      • Showing measurement
    • What does your feedback process look like?
    • What do your resource constraints look like?
      • Educational resources available to learn (sharpen the saw)
  • HR
    • Trusted Committers (TCs) need promotion path that isn’t Management (fellows)
    • Trusted Committer (TC) code review and TC become Release Managers
    • Roles and responsibilities updated for TCs and POs
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