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## Why use a patterns approach to InnerSource?
* It abstracts information from known instances of proven solutions so that other people/companies can understand not only what was done by why it worked and how to adapt it to their own situations.
## How do you use the pattern?
* Each organization has its own history (*context*) and culture (a source of *forces*) and even goals, so using a pattern to solve their problems will generally require adaptation of that pattern. Try to identify things about your situation that are unique and apply those as makes sense to the *Context* and *Forces* identified in the pattern. See if these additional constraints might require changes to the *Solution* to ensure that the pattern will work.
* Patterns can also be used as a short-hand when discussing InnerSource programs across organizational boundaries.
## I'd like to consult with the IS Patterns community; do I need to have participating members sign NDAs?
* You could do that, but be aware that the vast majority of IS Patterns meetings are held under the [Chatham House Rule]( that should provide sufficient protection to enable a productive discussion.

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