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Adds proper build of changes made by Tim

Adds a proper build of the JS files
and ups the version number to 1.0.1
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1 parent 0c91750 commit c2fb8ea3f9caa11a5548d9f5a96f9cf541485c5c Cristiano Betta committed Mar 26, 2013
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@@ -74,11 +74,14 @@ All of PayPal's [HTML button variables](
* `data-tax` Transaction-based tax override variable.
* `data-size` For button images: `small` and `large` work. For QR codes enter the pixel length of the longest side.
* `data-locale` The desired locale of the PayPal site.
+* `data-callback` The IPN notify URL to be called on completion of the transaction.
## Editable fields
Creating editable fields is easy! Just add `-editable` to the name of your variable, e.g. `data-quantity-editable`, and an input field will magically appear for your users.
+## Callback notification
+On completion of a transaction you can get a payment notification ([IPN]( on a callback URL you specify using the `data-callback` attribute. An [IPN simulator]( is available on the sandbox.
## Localization
* Changing the default language of a button can be done by setting the variable `data-lc` with the correct locale code, e.g. es_ES.
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