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Thanks for being willing to contribute!

Working on your first Pull Request? You can learn how from this free series How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub

Project setup

  1. Fork and clone the repo
  2. npm run setup --silent to setup the project (it installs deps and runs the validate script)
  3. Create a branch for your PR

Tip: Keep your master branch pointing at the original repository and make pull requests from branches on your fork. To do this, run:

git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/master master

This will add the original repository as a "remote" called "upstream," Then fetch the git information from that remote, then set your local master branch to use the upstream master branch whenever you run git pull. Then you can make all of your pull request branches based on this master branch. Whenever you want to update your version of master, do a regular git pull.

Add yourself as a contributor

This project follows the all contributors specification. To add yourself to the table of contributors on the, please use the automated script as part of your PR:

npm run add-contributor

Follow the prompt and commit .all-contributorsrc and in the PR. If you've already added yourself to the list and are making a new type of contribution, you can run it again and select the added contribution type.

Committing and Pushing changes

Please make sure to run the tests before you commit your changes. You can run npm run test:update which will update any snapshots that need updating. Make sure to include those changes (if they exist) in your commit.

opt into git hooks

There are git hooks set up with this project that are automatically installed when you install dependencies. They're really handy, but are turned off by default (so as to not hinder new contributors). You can opt into these by creating a file called .opt-in at the root of the project and putting this inside:


Help needed

Please checkout the the open issues

Also, please watch the repo and respond to questions/bug reports/feature requests! Thanks!