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import * as CSS from 'csstype'
import {SingleOrArray} from './helpers'
export interface CSSPropertiesCompleteSingle
extends CSS.Properties<number | string> {}
export type CSSPropertiesPseudo = {[K in CSS.Pseudos]?: CSSProperties}
type CSSPropertiesComplete = SingleOrArray<
keyof CSSPropertiesCompleteSingle
export interface CSSPropertiesLossy {
[propertyName: string]:
| string
| number
| CSSPropertiesComplete
| undefined
| Array<CSSPropertiesComplete[keyof CSSPropertiesComplete]>
| CSSPropertiesLossy
export interface CSSProperties
extends CSSPropertiesComplete,
CSSPropertiesLossy {}
export type CSSPropertiesRecursive =
| CSSProperties
| CSSPropertiesArray
| CSSFunction
// TODO: This could be made generic. Issue PR if you're so inclined!
export interface CSSFunction {
(props: {}): CSSPropertiesRecursive
export interface CSSPropertiesArray extends Array<CSSPropertiesRecursive> {}
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