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CSS injection vulnerabilities #300

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jamesknelson commented Aug 23, 2017

  • glamorous version: all (as far as I can tell)
  • glamor version: all (as far as I can tell)
  • react version: all (as far as I can tell)

Glamorous is currently vulnerable to CSS injection vulnerabilities.

As an example, you can change the background color of the page via props on Div elements:

const textColor = `white;}
  body {
    background-color: purple;
  .x{color: red`

<Div color={textColor}>


Problem description:

If a malicious user is able to feed props into Glamorous components on a page that a target user is viewing, they can inject any styles they'd like into the target's page.

This can result in defacing your app/website, capturing keystrokes in fields, finding the characters used in a certain HTML element, or in the case of IE9, possibly even arbitrary JavaScript execution.

Suggested solution:

I feel like {, } and " (at minimum) should probably be escaped. However, I'm not yet experienced enough with glamorous to understand whether that would cause other problems?


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kentcdodds commented Aug 23, 2017

Hi @jamesknelson! Thanks for bringing this up. It's really a concern of glamor (the library responsible for inserting CSS into the browser). And I expect that if you were to ask @threepointone about it, he'd say that you should be escaping user input yourself. It's pretty rare that user input is used in styles, so I don't expect it to be a major issue. If you are concerned about it, then you could write a glamor plugin to do the escaping for you with just a few lines of code.

I'm 99% certain we wont be making any changes to glamorous, and I'm fairly certain that glamor wont be making changes to account for this, but @threepointone can weigh in if he's interested.

Thanks again! If you do create a plugin to do this, then I think you could add an example to the glamorous examples (like this one).

Thanks! And good luck!

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