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@@ -10,6 +10,17 @@ h3. Step 1 - Get your credentials
Create an account at and once you've logged in, click on "Settings". On the Integration Settings tab you'll see your *PARTNER ID, ADMINISTRATOR SECRET and USER SECRET*, copy and paste it into the */server/php/kaltura.php*. You'll need to update both the getSession and getPlaylist methods.
+Also, paste the *PARTNER ID* in the index.html inside the loadVideo method.
+data = {
+ UICONF_ID : uiConfId,
+ ENTRY_ID : entryId,
+ FLASH_VARS : flashVars
h3. Step 2 - Create an Access Control Profile
Login to and click on *Settings*. On the Access Control tab create a new Access Control profile. One that will be for secure with a preview. By secure, I mean they require a Kaltura Session to play. When creating your profile, scroll to the bottom and under Advanced Security and Pay Per-view check the box for "Secure viewing of this video with server-side secret - (KS)" and check the box for "preview" and select a length for your preview.

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