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Welcome to Nemo

Nemo is a framework and set of conventions for automated testing of web and even native applications. How you use it is only limited by your imagination. A common starting point is to pair Nemo with a task runner (e.g. Grunt) and a test runner (e.g. Mocha). But if you have a different task and test runner, Nemo will work with that as well.

Get a grounding in selenium-webdriver Promises and Control Flow

Meet the players

The following modules are essential for getting started with Nemo


To get everything off the ground quickly, start here.


Nemo lovingly hugs selenium-webdriver, bundles up the plugins of your choice, and gives it all back to you in a single namespace for your testing pleasure.


Nemo view replaces nemo's built-in "view" functionality with a much cooler interface. Use it in concert with nemo-drivex and nemo-locatex.

Try the sample app

Follow the README instructions to get the sample app installed and run Nemo tests.

Selenium Webdriver Docs

The selenium-webdriver instance is exposed via nemo.driver, so it helps to know the API that you have access to.