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Paysera Common REST Client for .Net

Provides simple RESTfull Client


PM> Install-Package Paysera.RestClientCommon

Creating ApiClient

Basically you need to create ApiClient instance with required configuration. Here is sample configuration for ApiClient using ClientCertificateAuthentication

var apiClient = new ApiClient(
    new SecureRestClient(
        new ClientCertificateAuthentication(
    new NoopExceptionMapper());

ApiClient accepts following arguments:

  • SecureRestClient accepts following arguments:
    • baseUri - base uri for this ApiClient
    • ClientCertificateAuthentication accepts following arguments:
      • certificateFilePath A certificate at path
      • privateKeyFilePath private key at path
      • password (optional) will be used to unlock the key
    • ServerCertificateValidator (optional) - in case you need to verify server certificate manually, accepts following arguments:
      • serverCertificateFilePath - A certificate at path
  • IExceptionMapper - you can use existing NoopExceptionMapper, which throws System.Exception or implement your own if you need to throw custom one.


This library uses Newtonsoft.Json for serialization/deserialization between JSON and Objects. Please read detailed documentation there.

var transfer = new
        amount = new
            amount = 100,
            currency = "EUR"
        beneficiary = new
            type = "bank",
            name = "Name Surname",
            bank_account = new
                iban = "LT12345678901234567890"
        payer = new
            account_number = "EVP1234567890123"
        purpose = new
            details = "Test transfer details"

var result = apiClient.PostAsync<object, object>("/transfers", transferInput).Task.Result;

In example above you can see that you don't have to specify exact types for result and payload objects. In case you need to use specific types, you just need to specify result and paylod data types: PostAsync<TResult, TPayload>. Regular ApiClient methods (Post*, Put*, Get*) returns ApiTask<T>, where T is your requested Type.