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Payssion opencart extension

Getting Started

This extension is for opencart 2.0 - 2.2


Copy over admin, catalog folders to your Opencart root.


  1. Go to Extentions > Payments and install Payssion first, then Afterwards you can click edit to enter your configuration.

  2. Fill in API Key and Secret Key which you can find at your Payssion account, select the proper status for the fields of Order Status, Pending Status, Canceled Status, Failed Status and Chargeback Status and click Save button. Regarding the status, you can refer to the following: Order Status: Processing
    Pending Status: Pending
    Canceled Status: Cancelled
    Failed Status: Failed
    Chargeback Status: Chargeback

  3. Activate the alternative payment methods you want to use. Take paysafecard for example. Click edit after installing paysafecard (via Payssion), then select Enabled for the Status option, and click Save button.