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Paystation 3-party demo

This demonstrates how to get a payment URL from our API and show it to a user. You will need your own Paystation credentials to run this demo. You can get an account set up by contacting our support team.

To run this demo:

  • Put your Paystation credentials in a file called php-3party/config.json see config.sample.json
  • Set php-3party/web as the web root.
  • Make sure the user running PHP has read/write access to php-3party/temp

The payment journey for a user looks something like this:

  • User goes through your checkout and clicks a pay button.
  • Your website sends a request with the amount they need to pay to our API, and our API sends back a payment link.
  • The user opens that link and makes a payment, while your website polls our API to see when they've completed the payment.
  • When the payment is complete you'll get a successful or failed transaction

The reason for sending them to our page to make the payment is because, without being PCI compliant, credit card data cannot pass through your website.

View our documentation here if you're framing or customising the payment page.