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The exercises for my CodeMash talk "Reactive Extensions without Marbles"
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Reactive Extensions Learning

Getting Started

This exercise is best done with the docker setup. Start the app by using docker-compose up. The first time will take a while as it installs dependencies.

After that you can re-run the application with docker-compose up and it should be quite fast.

The app will start on http://localhost:3000. Futher directions are found there.

Your Editor and TypeScript

Because the app is running on a Docker container, the node_modules directory is also built in the docker container, and therefore when you first run docker-compose up your hosts directory structure will have an empty node_modules directory.

This is not a problem for the app but your editor/IDE will report compiler errors. To address this you can either configure your IDE to edit inside the docker container (outside the scope of this doc) or run yarn install on your host. This will install the dependencies locally, so the editor can find them, but mind you there may be minor differences between the modules built in the container and those built locally.


The exercises can be run directly using yarn start however be warned they were developed on MacOS, so if you're using a Windows machine I cannot guarantee they work.

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