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Frequently used terms

Which Android devices are compatible?

If I am transferring from the Veo to the 620G/630G/640G/670G do I need to set up a new Azure website etc.?

No you just need to change your upload method - using the Contour Next Link 2.4 as the means to talk with the pump, and changing the uploader app. on your Android device to the 600SeriesAndroidUploader

Error connecting to Contour Next Link or E86 Software error

This is due to a communications error between the Android device and the CNL - either due to a poor USB OTG connection, or possibly due to a bug in the uploader.

  • Check your USB OTG cable - can you swap it for another, or if you plug in something like a USB memory stick or hard drive does your Android device recognise it and access it ok?
  • Also check the USB socket in the Android device - is the connection loose?
  • Turn the CNL off and back on again
  • Make sure the CNL is fully charged
  • Restart the uploader app
  • Try clearing data for the uploader app - go to Android device Settings > Apps and Clear Data and Cache
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the app installed

There are gaps in the data being uploaded to the Nightscout website /

The app says Internet connection error even though there is internet

In order to upload your pump data to Nightscout, your Android device must maintain an internet data connection - either using mobile data (3G or 4G) or over Wi-Fi. Some Android devices may be (pre-)set with various strategies to save power and extend battery life, for example when it detects the device is not in use or thinks no background data is required. On the majority of Android devices, the default settings will not interfere with data transfer to Nightscout. However, if you’re having problems getting data reliably up to your Nightscout site, please read on.

Check Wi-Fi Settings

If you’re using Wi-Fi connectivity, for example whilst at home or at school please check your Advanced Wi-Fi Settings:

  • Bring up the device Settings menu, and select WiFi
  • Select further options (e.g by selecting ... in the toolbar, or via settings key) and select Advanced
  • Ensure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always

Check Power Saving Settings

  • From the device Settings menu, scroll down until you see Power Management
  • Review the Power Management settings – ideally all options should be Off
  • However, you may have to turn on some Power Management options to prevent other applications and services (e.g. location services) from draining the battery. If this is the case, please review the options set.
  • In order to maintain the flow of data to Nightscout, either
    • Make sure that Mobile Data and / or Wi-Fi is not selected to ensure it can still be accessed by the 600 Series Uploader
    • Or exclude the 600 Series Uploader app from the Power Saving Setting

Force connectivity via another App

If you’ve changed / checked the above and your Nightscout connection still appears to go to sleep after a few minutes of use, some users have found that using a 3rd Party app to keep the Wi-Fi connection alive and connected to the internet has been successful.

A large number of possible applications are available in the [Google Play Store] (https://play.google.com/store/apps). We do not recommend any in particular but [AutoSync 2] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smallmachine.autosync2), [Wi-Fi Keep Alive] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shantz.wifikeepalive) and [WIFI KeepAlive] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roy.wifimonitor) have been used successfully by some users.

Some users with handsets running Android 6.0+ have reported these internet connectivity apps are not always successful - you may want to try an application such as [Wake Lock] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.thedarken.wl) which is designed to keep more systems on your handset awake. We suggest you increase the 'awake' settings in this type of app gradually until you've found the minimum level that solves your particular issue. This will maximise your battery life. This type of app may be particularly useful for overnight use.

As with any app, please carefully review the app permissions required before installing. In all cases, the app should be set to maintain Wi-Fi connectivity at all times.

Note: Depending on your version of Android, your menus and precise options will be slightly different, but the general functionality described should be there in all supported versions.

My Nightscout website shows IOB but I can't see IOB values from the pump

To get IOB from the pump your Nightscout website needs to have been deployed from the 'dev' branch. On the 'master' branch IOB is only from manual entries.

+ If you know what this all means and are ready to deploy the 'dev' branch go to

Can I charge the CNL and the Android device at the same time, with the uploader working too?

Good question! Unfortunately this is something that seems to vary between different Android devices, and also between different USB 'Y'-cables / adaptors.

For example, some people report being able to charge CNL and Android device and have the uploader working at the same time (Samsung S4), others report that although both CNL and device could be charged the uploader did not work (Moto G 2nd Gen).

With the current level of knowledge (rather small) we would advise posting a question on the Facebook support group.

If you've solved this for your Android device please let us know!

Where can I get a spare Contour Next Link 2.4 ?

Usually via Ascensia Diabetes Care - however the CNL can be in very short supply in some countries

Note! If you are thinking of buying from a different country, please be aware that units of BG measurement - mg/dL and mmol/L - vary in use between different countries

  • These must match between the pump and the CNL 2.4, otherwise the devices will not connect with each other and therefore will not work with the uploader
  • This cannot be changed on the CNL 2.4 by the user, as the setting is "preset and locked" according to the manual, and does not appear in any menus - not even the PIN locked Customer Service sub-menu (we've checked)

When I click Get now the status shows Connecting to Contour Next Link , then Connected... but then it says Timeout communicating with Contour Next Link

If you have received a replacement pump, you need to go to the Android device Settings > Apps and Clear Data and Cache

Obviously the pump and the CNL need to have been paired together

Please also check that you have followed all the steps in 600 Series pump and CNL preparation

FAQ for releases before v0.4.0

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