Frequently used terms

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Term Meaning
APK Android application package
BG/BGL Blood glucose
BWP Bolus Wizard preview
CAGE Cannula age
CGM Continuous Glucose Monitor
CNL Contour Next Link
COB Carbs-on-board
FAQ Frequently asked questions
Firmware Software in electronic devices
IAGE Insulin age
IOB Insulin-on-board - an estimation of how much insulin still remains in the body from previous boluses
OTG "On-the-go" a USB feature which allows either of two devices to take control of the data transfer between them
OS Operating System
RF Radio Frequency
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator - a measure of RF power level that a device is receiving
SAGE Sensor age
SBC Single board computer
SG/SGV Serum glucose value (e.g. as read via a CGM sensor)
URI/URL Uniform Resource Identifier / Locator - refers to the path to a resource accessed over the internet / network
USB Universal Serial Bus
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