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Nightscout website

To view BG, SG and other data from your pump you will need to set up a working Nightscout website. If you are not familiar with Nightscout start here.

Setting Up Nightscout

Below is an overview of the steps needed to set up a Nightscout website. For further details please consult the detailed step-by-step directions
Note - don't continue to the page about "Installing the Android App" as that will be dealt with later

  • Create mLab account and database
  • Create a Github account and fork a copy of the [Nightscout CGM-Remote-Monitor] ( website - choosing 'dev' or 'master' branch (see notes below)
  • Create an hosted (Azure/Heroku/other VPS) web app
    • Double check that you have selected the free pricing tier
    • Under Application Settings...
      • ... in App settings section, on a new line into the 'Key' box add "ENABLE" and in the 'Value' box add "careportal basal rawbg cob iob cage bwp upbat sage pump" (don't include the "")
      • ... in App settings section, on a new line into the 'Key' box add "AUTH_DEFAULT_ROLES" and in the 'Value' box add "readable devicestatus-upload" (don't include the "")
      • ... in Connection strings section configure the following
        • mLab information - both items
        • API_SECRET - remember this item must be at least 12 characters long
        • Make sure the type for all the above is 'Custom'
    • Deploy your site using the Github repository

Nightscout Setup Notes

  • Please complete all of the steps listed above
  • Once you have successfully created a Nightscout website you'll see a black web page showing time and dashes when viewing your website in a browser
  • If you wish to see the pump IOB in your Nightscout website, you will need to deploy the dev branch
  • You do not need to enter the Dexcom settings
  • You do not need to enable the Medtronic Connect plugin

Required Hardware

Android device

See this info about minimum Android features and compatible devices

USB OTG cable

This needs to be Micro-USB Male to USB A Female, and is used to connect the CNL 2.4 meter to the Android device.

Contour Next Link 2.4 BG meter

It is strongly recommended to use a spare CNL 2.4 meter for uploading data from your 600 Series pump, although you can use your main meter if required.

Medtronic 600 Series insulin pump

Your usual pump

Next steps

600 Series pump and CNL 2.4 preparation

  1. Ensure that the batteries are in a good state of charge on all the devices
  2. On your pump check that the time is set correctly

    Glucose readings with timestamps from the future will cause problems for your Nightscout website!

  3. The CNL 2.4 meter and the pump must be been paired / 'connected' with each other (watch the instruction video or follow the steps below)
    1. Place the Contour Next Link 2.4 meter and the 600 Series pump near each other
    2. On the meter:
      1. Go to Setup > Pump Options > Connect to pump
      2. Select Yes, then OK
      3. Select Auto Connect on the meter
    3. On the pump:
      1. Go to Menu > Utilities > Device Options > Connect Device
      2. Select Auto Connect
      3. Scroll through the Auto Connect instructions
      4. Select Continue
      5. Select Search
    4. The pump will begin searching for the meter
    5. On the meter:
      1. Select Search
    6. The meter and pump will both show that they are Searching. This can take up to 2 minutes.
    7. On the pump:
      1. Check that the serial number of the discovered device matches your meter
      2. If the serial numbers match, select Confirm
    8. On the meter:
      1. Check that the serial number of the discovered device matches your pump
      2. If the serial numbers match, select Next
  4. Although the 600SeriesAndroidUploader only reads status information via the CNL 2.4, to help ensure safety it is strongly recommended that you disable the remote bolus feature:
    1. Go to the Remote Bolus screen on the 600 Series pump: Menu > Utilities > Remote Bolus
    2. Select Remote Bolus to turn the feature off
    3. Select Save

Android Uploader app installation

See Android Uploader Installation

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