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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Docopt docs:
# Scriptster::configure docs:
# Scriptster::cmd docs:
require 'scriptster'
include Scriptster
Scriptster::configure do |conf|
# Which log levels will be printed
# (one of :quiet, :essential, :important, :informative or :verbose)
conf.verbosity = :informative
# Customise the log line format
conf.log_format = '%{timestamp} [%{name}] %{type} %{message}'
# Save the logs into a file
conf.file = "/tmp/lsl-log"
# Either :light or :dark.
conf.colours = :dark
args = parse_args <<DOCOPT
#{File.basename __FILE__} [-h] [<dir>]
#{File.basename __FILE__} -a
-a, --aaa Option description
-h, --help Show this message.
log :warn, "There are four logging levels (:error, :warn, :info and :debug)"
dir = args['<dir>'] || '~'
log :info, "Listing files in #{dir}"
ls = cmd "ls -l #{dir} | grep -v '^total'",
show_out: true, # print stdout as the command runs
show_err: true, # print stderr
out_level: :debug, # which log level to print the output to
tag: 'ls -l', # modify the default command tag
expect: 0, # the expected return status (can be an Array as well)
raise: true # raise if the command exits with an unexpected code
# Iterate through stdout (the same can be done for stderr with .err)
files = []
ls.out.lines.each do |line|
files.push line.split[-1]
log :info, files.join(', ')
# Get information about the process
log :info, "ls(#{}) exited with #{ls.status.exitstatus}"