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# Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Patrick Totzke <>
# This file is released under the GNU GPL, version 3 or a later revision.
# For further details see the COPYING file
import sys
import logging
import os
from alot.settings import settings
from alot.settings.errors import ConfigError
from alot.db.manager import DBManager
from alot.ui import UI
import alot.commands as commands
from alot.commands import *
from alot.commands import CommandParseError
from twisted.python import usage
class SubcommandOptions(usage.Options):
optFlags = []
def parseArgs(self, *args):
self.args = args
def as_argparse_opts(self):
optstr = ''
for k, v in self.items():
# flags translate int value 0 or 1..
if k in [a[0] for a in self.optFlags]: # if flag
optstr += ('--%s ' % k) * v
if v is not None:
optstr += '--%s \'%s\' ' % (k, v)
return optstr
def opt_version(self):
print alot.__version__
class ComposeOptions(SubcommandOptions):
optParameters = [
['sender', '', None, 'From line'],
['subject', '', None, 'subject line'],
['cc', '', None, 'copy to'],
['bcc', '', None, 'blind copy to'],
['template', '', None, 'path to template file'],
['attach', '', None, 'files to attach'],
optFlags = [
['omit_signature', '', 'do not add signature'],
def parseArgs(self, *args):
SubcommandOptions.parseArgs(self, *args)
self['to'] = ' '.join(args) or None
class SearchOptions(SubcommandOptions):
accepted = ['oldest_first', 'newest_first', 'message_id', 'unsorted']
def colourint(val):
if val not in accepted:
raise ValueError("Unknown sort order")
return val
colourint.coerceDoc = "Must be one of " + str(accepted)
optParameters = [
['sort', 'newest_first', None, 'Sort order'],
class Options(usage.Options):
optFlags = [["read-only", "r", 'open db in read only mode'], ]
def colourint(val):
val = int(val)
if val not in [1, 16, 256]:
raise ValueError("Not in range")
return val
colourint.coerceDoc = "Must be 1, 16 or 256"
def debuglogstring(val):
if val not in ['error', 'debug', 'info', 'warning']:
raise ValueError("Not in range")
return val
debuglogstring.coerceDoc = "Must be one of debug,info,warning or error"
optParameters = [
['config', 'c', None, 'config file'],
['notmuch-config', 'n', None, 'notmuch config'],
['colour-mode', 'C', None, 'terminal colour mode', colourint],
['mailindex-path', 'p', None, 'path to notmuch index'],
['debug-level', 'd', 'info', 'debug log', debuglogstring],
['logfile', 'l', '/dev/null', 'logfile'],
search_help = "start in a search buffer using the querystring provided "\
"as parameter. See the SEARCH SYNTAX section of notmuch(1)."
subCommands = [['search', None, SearchOptions, search_help],
['compose', None, ComposeOptions, "compose a new message"]]
def opt_version(self):
print alot.__version__
def main():
# interpret cml arguments
args = Options()
args.parseOptions() # When given no argument, parses sys.argv[1:]
except usage.UsageError, errortext:
print '%s: %s' % (sys.argv[0], errortext)
print '%s: Try --help for usage details.' % (sys.argv[0])
# logging
root_logger = logging.getLogger()
for log_handler in root_logger.handlers:
root_logger = None
numeric_loglevel = getattr(logging, args['debug-level'].upper(), None)
logfilename = os.path.expanduser(args['logfile'])
logformat = '%(levelname)s:%(module)s:%(message)s'
logging.basicConfig(level=numeric_loglevel, filename=logfilename,
filemode='w', format=logformat)
# locate alot config files
configfiles = [
'alot', 'config'),
if args['config']:
expanded_path = os.path.expanduser(args['config'])
if not os.path.exists(expanded_path):
msg = 'Config file "%s" does not exist. Goodbye for now.'
sys.exit(msg % expanded_path)
configfiles.insert(0, expanded_path)
# locate notmuch config
notmuchpath = os.environ.get('NOTMUCH_CONFIG', '~/.notmuch-config')
if args['notmuch-config']:
notmuchpath = args['notmuch-config']
notmuchconfig = os.path.expanduser(notmuchpath)
alotconfig = None
# read the first alot config file we find
for configfilename in configfiles:
if os.path.exists(configfilename):
alotconfig = configfilename
break # use only the first
except (ConfigError, OSError, IOError), e:
# store options given by config swiches to the settingsManager:
if args['colour-mode']:
settings.set('colourmode', args['colour-mode'])
# get ourselves a database manager
dbman = DBManager(path=args['mailindex-path'], ro=args['read-only'])
# determine what to do
if args.subCommand == 'search':
query = ' '.join(args.subOptions.args)
cmdstring = 'search %s %s' % (args.subOptions.as_argparse_opts(),
cmd = commands.commandfactory(cmdstring, 'global')
elif args.subCommand == 'compose':
cmdstring = 'compose %s' % args.subOptions.as_argparse_opts()
cmd = commands.commandfactory(cmdstring, 'global')
default_commandline = settings.get('initial_command')
cmd = commands.commandfactory(default_commandline, 'global')
except CommandParseError, e:
# set up and start interface
UI(dbman, cmd)
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